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A non - contact ball sport played across a net between two teams of nine players each side out of 14 players on a rectangular court is known as “Throwball Game”. Dr. Harry Crowe Buck who was father of Scientific Physical Education in India and Founder of Young Men Christian Association’s College of Physical Education of Madras in the year 1920. Mrs. Buck who was the wife of Dr. Harry Crowe Buck played a wonderful role in popularising the Games and Sports activities in India. That noble lady originated this game in Madras in 1925 for old age group. Reason behind this was that while played this game, it may not much require the technique and also not require too much exertion.

According to available resources for its existence it was thought that “Throwball Game” is very popular among women’s in England and Australia during the 1930’s. It is believed that “Throwball Game” have brought to Y. M. C. A. College of Physical Education, Chennai, India (Which had become a co-educational institute in 1940) where it was played in the 1940’s as a Women’s Sport. To attract more and more, Dr. Harry Crowe Buck drafted the guidelines for “Throwball Game” Rules and Regulations in 1955. Thereafter till Nineteen Hundred and Sixties (1960) this game was a regular part of School Games for Girls in India. At that time, it was very much popular in the Missionary Schools.

With keen interest and through the entire efforts of Prof. Jagat Singh Chauhan of Haryana, India, who’s also a Founder of ‘Handball Federation of India’, formed “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA” on 15th January, 1978 in Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium, Allahabad and since then Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan State Throwball Associations are striving hard by organizing competition at National level to promote and develop this game in India and abroad also. Mrs. Shashi Prabha of Haryana had taken a lead to organise its “FIRST NATIONAL THROWBALL CHAMPIONSHIP” in Jind, Haryana in 1978. In which Delhi Team (Men Team) became the WINNER during this Championships. After that Mrs. Zineeth Fernando of Colombo, Sri Lanka imparted Coaching to Indian Team on the grounds of Government College, Jind, Haryana in May, 1982 for fortnight. Her services were spared by the Director of Sports, SriLanka. Finally, after the incentive coaching to the Indian Team, a successful tour programmed to Sri Lanka was organised in month of August, 1982.

“THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA” was ‘Registered Under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860’ in the year 1982. A Demonstration Match between two Indian teams was also organised in Men & Women categories with a combined efforts from all “Throwball Game” lovers and dedicated sports loving persons arranged at Dashrathmal Stadium, Kathmandu in Nepal in the year 1986. In the meantime, ‘Ministry of Sports, Government of India’, Grants the Recognition to “THROWBALL GAME” in the year 1989 and thereafter, the ‘School Games Federation of India’ also recognized to “Throwball Game” in the year 2000 and includes it in their Sports Calendar. The “Throwball Game” gaining popularity throughout India with its regular activities very fast. Finally, INDIAN OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION also considers and Grants the Recognition to “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA” in the year 2001. “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA” making their best efforts and its next mission is to inclusion this game in the Inter-Universities Sports Activities - Calendar and also in the National Games. After the formation of “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA” and with its ‘First National Championships’ in India onward had become a “Throwball Game” for Men & Women and Children of all ages.

The Ground: Requires a very small piece of evenly surfaced ground, rectangular in shape and for Senior & Junior Categories 18.30 mts. x 12.20 mts. and for Sub-Junior 15.30 mts. x 9.20 mts. The only equipment required is the Two Poles, One Net, One Ball and One Whistle with a White Marking Powder. Tournaments/Championships: The following Throwball Championships organised regularly for this game in India as follows: i) Senior National Championships, ii) Junior National Championships, iii) Sub-Junior National Championships and, iv) Federation Cup Tournament. Affiliated Units: As on date 22 State / Territories Units are affiliated with “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA”. Most probably all the Units participate regularly in all the competitions organised by “THROWBALL FEDERATION OF INDIA”.

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